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Since December of 1960 J.C. Collision Repair has been serving the community and area for all your collision needs. J.C. Collision Repair provides the best in service and technology to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. OUR # 1 PRIORITY IS YOU, THE CUSTOMER!

J.C. Collision Repair neighbors you know and trust. Having an automobile accident is a traumatic experience. Isn't it nice to know that getting your car back to sparkling showroom condition doesn't have to be!

Trust and Expertise - When you trust your vehicle to our Collision Repair, a highly trained staff of Certified Technicians will do the necessary repairs.

Repair Guarantee - Rest easy, because you have a written Lifetime Repair Guarantee* on the work. We can perform work on any model, any make and any year of vehicle. No job is too big or too small. Guaranteed! *Guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle. See facilities for details. Not only is your paint finish guaranteed but the repair is also guaranteed. We are one of the only shops in our market area that give this kind of written warranty on our repairs.

Facilities - J.C. Collision Repair maintains state-of-the-art equipment and has access to parts from any vehicle's original manufacturer.

Helpful - Our Collision Repair eliminates headaches by working directly with your insurance company. Just to make things a bit easier, they can even arrange a rental car for you.

Convenient - Our staff can make arrangements for pickup and delivery of your vehicle for repairs. Go to a neighbor you can trust, J. C. Collision Repair.

Our Unibody/Frame equipment consists of two Duzmor frame machines and one Blackhawk Korek frame machine, with the use of two of our Kansas Jack Laser Measuring Systems we are capable of repairing your vehicle to factory specifications.

Our technicians are supplied with the most recent updated factory specifications for Unibody and Frame repairs, ensuring that J.C. Collision Repair is always on the leading edge of collision repair technology.

We are always looking for state-of-the-art equipment to repair your vehicle to its pre- accident factory specifications. Our technicians use the PR-10 Duo Pro Spot resistance spot welder. Pro Spot Welders are OEM approved by the following manufacturers: Toyota, BMW, Lexus, Daimler Chrysler, Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen, Renault, KIAA, Audi, SAAB, Infiniti, ISUZU, Daewoo, Jeep, Dodge, and others…..

J.C. Collision Repair is proud to be an Acoat selected repair facility All Acoat selected companies meet a number of criteria, including computerized administration, working with automotive parts, repair warranties and conscientious environmental and waste management.

Our paint technicians are trained and certified, so we can offer the Sikkens Lifetime Warranty on the repairs done at our facilities.

To ensure a perfect finish, J.C. Collision Repair uses Sikkens brand paint products, the world's largest manufacturer of coatings. Sikkens motto is, "A Perfect Match Every Time". Over 50,000 active mixing formulas are available on site, ensuring that repairs are not merely close to factory color, but will provide invisible repairs. Each painter is thoroughly trained and certified to allow J.C. Collision Repair to offer the Sikkens Lifetime Warranty.

Our entire organization is dedicated to ensuring our customers are treated with the courtesy they deserve. We know that having a vehicle repaired can be a very stressful situation and our staff is here to make the process as comfortable for our customer as possible.

Our friendly staff is here to ensure that the customer is comfortable and that all their needs are being met.

As a convenience to our customers, CC RENT A CAR is available to serve your rental car needs. Our staff will be happy to arrange pick-up and delivery for our customers.


Your Rights

Some Important Things To Know When Having Your Vehicle Repaired 

Readers are cautioned that this information is provided only as a guide to general principles involved in lien laws. You should consult your own attorney for specific legal advice or opinion.

Must I obtain more than one estimate?
No There is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate. No person or insurance company can tell you to obtain more than one estimate.

Do I have to take my vehicle to a drive-in claims facility for an estimate?
No You are not required to take your vehicle to a drive-in claims facility. It is your right as the vehicle owner to obtain an estimate wherever you choose. You are only required to notify your insurance company of the vehicle’s location so that the claims adjuster may examine it.

If I go to an insurance company’s drive-in claims facility, do I have to take my vehicle to one of its preferred shops for repair?
No There are no laws or regulations requiring you to go to any specific repair shop. You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop. Keep in mind that you are the vehicle owner. “Don’t let your insurance company take away your freedom of choice”.

Am I required to notify my insurance company before repairs begin on my vehicle?
Yes our insurance policy requires you to notify your insurance company and make a claim report. Once a claim report has been made, you may proceed to leave your vehicle at the repair facility of your choice and notify the insurance company claim representative or adjuster where your damaged vehicle may be inspected. Once a claim representative or adjuster has had an opportunity to inspect your vehicle, you may authorize repairs to begin.

Can my insurance company authorize a repair shop to start repairs on my vehicle without my consent?
No only the vehicle owner may authorize repairs. You must be presented with an estimate to know what is being repaired on your vehicle before repairs are started.

Who is responsible for payment to the repair shop?
You are your insurance policy contract states that your insurance company will pay for the damages to your vehicle, less the deductible amount. You may instruct your insurance company to pay directly to the repair shop of your choice, however, full payment must be arranged prior to your vehicle being picked up.

Who is responsible for the guarantee of workmanship and safety of my automobile repairs the insurance company or the repair shop?
The repair shop is responsible, not your insurance company. Your insurance company is not accepting the liability for the quality and safety of your vehicle’s repairs. Therefore, you and only you alone must control the fate of your vehicle’s repair by choosing a proper facility that is adequately trained and equipped to restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. You have the legal right and authority to do so.

What should I look for when choosing a facility to repair my vehicle?
Referrals from other satisfied customers is a start. The shop owner/manager should be willing to take you around the shop to give you a first hand view of the equipment and procedures being used. Today’s vehicles are more complex and technologically challenging so auto repair has also become more complex so be sure to ask about employee training and certification. Notice the knowledge, attitude, and commitment of the shop owner/manager towards a quality repair of your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Ask about what kind of warranties they offer for paint and workmanship.

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